Group Travel

Annual sales contests. Sweepstakes. Client rewards. Distributor incentives. Team building. Executive retreats. Everyone is eager to earn the big trip, but bigger does not mean better. We help you exceed your goals by designing exciting and effective group trips that everyone wants to experience. All guests have personal goals that we help them achieve. Our personalized approach for each guest and focus on the many details ensure a successful outcome.

Creative Design

Traditional group travel programs tend to focus on quantity instead of quality. Our design mentality does not change based on group size. We consider what you have done in the past, what you are trying to achieve now, and what the guests are interested in when designing an immersive experience that keeps your group buzzing for the next trip.

Guest Communication

Letting guests know what to expect is as important as what they will be doing. Prior to execution, we speak with, text, and email with each guest to ensure they are physically and mentally ready. We are fully committed to engineering a successful project outcome, and one of the most important aspects is preparing guests for their experience.

Personalized Itineraries

Everyone is important, and everyone has individual goals for their experience. Feeling lost in a large group is a miserable feeling. We learn what each guest’s goals and objectives are and create a personalized itinerary that meets their needs. Small groups for activities are fun and interactive, not impersonal and cumbersome. When the group comes together for dinner, sharing and comparing their days builds excitement.

Project Management

Hundreds of guests make thousands of moving parts. Our production team manages every detail and effectively coordinates and communicates each item with guests, vendors, and you and your stakeholders. We are ready for all scenarios because we follow our proven process of delivering your project through its successful conclusion.